Stamp, Dap, & Disc Cut Class (Beginner)

Stamp, Dap, & Disc Cut Class (Beginner)


In this class learn how to use specific tools to create pendants, earrings, or design elements that can be added to your jewelry.

What you will learn:

  • How to stamp.

  • How to use a disc cutter.

  • How to use a dappling/doming block.

  • How to use a drill press.

  • Easy, “no chemical” finishing technique.


  • Disc Cutter

  • Stamps (letter and or designs)

  • Drill Press or Rotary Tool

  • Dapping/Doming Block

  • Ball Peen Hammer

  • Steel Block

  • Center Punch

  • Steel Wool

  • Sharpie


  • 24G Sheet Metal

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