Gemstone Ring (Advanced)

Gemstone Ring (Advanced)


Learn to create a one of a kind gemstone statement ring from start to finish!  Please note, this is an advanced class.  If you are new to metalsmithing, you need to take stacker ring, mixed metal pendant, and gemstone pendant in order to be successful with this class.  What you learn in the beginning classes will greatly help you with your skill and craft.

What you will learn:

  • How to form a bezel.

  • How to do multiple solders.

  • How to create a twisted design element.

  • How to solder on design elements.

  • How to make a wide band.

  • How to hammer texture.

  • How to file.

  • How to form band.

  • How to use a black max patina.

  • How to remove unwanted patina.

  • How to bezel set (If this is your first time with bezel setting, we strongly suggest taking the Stacker Ring class first for more extensive instruction.)

  • How to do advanced finishing techniques.

  • Tools Needed:


  • Torch

  • Solder Block

  • Flux

  • Hard and Easy Solder

  • Pickle Pot: Crock Pot and PH- (10 cups of water, 1 cup PH-)

  • Third Hand

  • Tweezers

  • Quenching Water

  • Paint Brush

  • Soldering Pick


  • Bench Pin

  • Metal Shears

  • Sharpie

  • Jeweler’s Saw

  • Saw Blades

  • #4 File

  • Rotary Tool

  • Rotating Bench Vice

  • Rocking Burnisher

  • Maker’s Mark Stamps

  • Sizing Mandrel

  • Raw Hide Mallet

  • Chasing Hammer


  • 24G Sterling Silver Sheet Metal

  • Cabachon Cut Stone

  • Bezel Wire

  • Band Material (18G Sterling Silver sheet metal used in class)

  • Black Max Patina

  • Hard, Medium, and Easy Solder

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