Jen Lynn, owner of Jens Jewels

Jenifer Lynn, the founder and sole designer for Jen's Jewels developed an interest in jewelry at a very young age. She started making jewelry at the age of 7. She continued designing and making jewelry up until her early teens, when she put down her pliers and picked up a paint brush. Once she moved to Los Angeles, her close friend from her home town, Kelly Thomas, helped get Jen back into making jewelry, and she's been doing it ever since. Jen is experienced in several different art forms, but metal working, gemstones, and jewelry design is where her heart is. Jewelry and artistic expression is not only Jen's passion, but her way of life. 

After putting away her dream of acting in 2005, Jen returned to community college.  There she fell in love with silversmithing and Bronze Sculpture casting.  After hanging around at El Camino College for a few years, her instructors decided to encourage her to get her degree.  In December of 2011, Jen graduated Sigma Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Metal Design from California State University of Long Beach.  Yes, it is possible to get a degree in something this cool!

In the summer of 2012, Jen was ready to take a leap of faith and see if the public responded to her new work as they did to when she was just wire-wrapping and beading.  She opened a permanent booth at Crafted of the Port of LA where she flourished.  Her success over the two and a half years that she was at Crafted enabled her to finally save enough money to fulfill yet another dream, to move back home to Redding, CA and start a family.

In January 2015, she and her husband Matt purchased a home and relocated from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, to a simpler way of life.  Redding has always been the main source of inspiration for Jen and her jewelry, so it only seemed fitting to open her own shop in 2016.  Shortly after, Jen gave birth to her now "lead sales associate" Quinn.  Her son hangs out with her at the shop everyday and enjoys interacting with the ladies.

Jen is constantly learning and evolving, and always has something new on the horizon.